How to sell painting online

How to sell painting online

“Not prisoners of war, but criminals who were arrested for crimes. Originally, they are beings that should be subject to the death penalty, yet taxpayers’ money is invested to maintain the facility they are simply being held in. See. It’s ridiculous. You know.”

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Unaware of the Great Demon King’s anger, he began to talk eloquently about things that were outside the law.

“Use of intelligent demons is not allowed... either way, if it were found out, the Hero. Hiro won’t stay silent, yeh.”

On the other hand, while closing his eyes, Bro replied in a reluctant manner.

However, Chitsue talked, without regard to the statement.

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“I won’t have to worry about that anymore. You see. Hero Hiro will soon be stripped of his authority. That he will.


“Thanks to what his son did, Hiro has relinquished all his responsibilities. Ain’t it so. No matter how close his Majesty and Hiro may be as the Seven Heroes, they must carry out their responsibilities. See.”

And in the middle of it all, my father and I were brought up.

The nobles were talking about it before I came in here.

In many ways, it gave me complicated feelings.

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“As a trail, I’d like to use a few demons in the second half of today’s duel monsters. That I do.”

“Nu, wha... from today?”

“That’s right. I do. Don’t be surprised, okay? Gufufufufu, I prepared an outrageous monster for the day.”

With that, Chitsue turned back to the nasty guys behind him.

“Hey. Hey. Bring them in. Come on.”