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“The chef must be extremely careful with the ratio of ingredients, the temperature of ingredients, heat applied, and the like. A single misstep, such as making it one or two degrees hotter or adding one or two additional grams of ingredients, could lead to failure.”

Elena added, “Even in England, there are very few restaurants that can produce this dessert.”

The dessert had obviously surpassed Jessica’s expectations. Once again, she exclaimed, “It’s delicious! Thank you for giving us this surprise. However... this dish strengthens my support for Western cuisine all the more.”

Locals probably would not think that the dessert was that delicious. At most, they would wonder at the skills required, the dish’s complexity, and its looks.

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The egg’s shell, white, and yolk looked extremely real. The shell, especially, looked no different from real eggshells—it was extremely thin.

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However, the taste would not suit locals’ taste buds because Verjus was too sour. Most people would not feel accustomed to it.

Still, it tasted just like home for Jessica.

There were meant to be two complex dishes, but the first had already raised Jessica’s expectations through the roof. Elena could not help but worry if the next dish could live up to their expectations.

If it could not, it would not help Jessica to rid herself of her prejudices against Chinese cuisine. Although it would probably be delicious, the Verjus in Egg would still leave the deepest impression in Jessica’s mind.

The waiter placed a flat bowl in the middle of the table.

Elena’s eyes widened.

Inside the flat bowl were four or five pieces of leaves, spread out in the shape of a water lily. It was... cabbage?

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The stalks and leaves did not look like they had been cooked at all. In fact, they looked raw. There was also clear soup in the pot with no hint of oil or color. All they could see was smoke. It looked no different from ordinary boiled water.

At first glance, the dish looked like someone had arranged raw cabbage in the shape of a water lily in the flat bowl before pouring boiling water on top of it.

Elena became doubtful. She knew that cabbage was one of the cheapest ingredients in the market. In fact, it was so cheap that people would describe cheap items as being sold at a ‘cabbage price’.

Jia Nuo was in no hurry to introduce how the dish was prepared. Instead, he gestured at it and said, “This is Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup. Please try it before I introduce it to you.”

Half-suspicious, Elena picked up a Cabbage leaf and put it into her mouth.

However, it did not taste cold and raw like she expected. Instead, it felt soft and tender in her mouth. Obviously, it was fully-cooked and yet surprisingly fresh. She had never tasted cabbage as refreshing and delicious as this before!

Then, Elena scooped a spoonful of soup. A delightful and indescribable taste stimulated her taste buds and took her breath away.