cash for money

cash for money

Pei Qian decided not to disclose this situation in order to keep Tang Yishu covered.

The mole had to think that Tang Yishu was kind and obedient and that she would not reveal his secret to Boss Pei. Only then would he slowly let his guard down.

It was then that Pei Qian would be able to use Tang Yishu to catch those working overtime during the weekend!

When that time came, those dogs working overtime would not have a clue who exposed them or that everything was actually in the palm of Boss Pei’s hand…

The mole would think his plan was flawless, but Boss Pei would be observing every single move of his from the very beginning.

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“Hmph, you want to fight me? You need to know your place!” Pei Qian leaned back in his chair, pleased with himself. He would wait for the mole’s identity to be revealed.

December 1st, Wednesday…

Little Sun was prepared to drive to the airport to pick Ruan Guangjian up.

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As Boss Pei’s designated driver, Little Sun’s driving skills were incomparable. Furthermore, he was quick-witted and efficient and deeply trusted by Boss Pei. Any time business partners like Teacher Qiao and Zhang Zuting came to Jingzhou, Little Sun would be put in charge of driving them around. This time was no exception.

Before Little Sun left, Pei Qian pulled him aside and gave him brief instructions.

“When you meet Ruan Guangjian, send him to the hotel first. Allow him to put his things down and get some rest.

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“After that, send him to the amusement park! Buy him a ticket for all the roller coasters and rides.

“When he’s done at the amusement park, send him to Swan Lake Restaurant for a meal at night.

“Remember this: you have to let him play as much as possible at the amusement park. Otherwise, I will hold you responsible, understand?”

Pei Qian instructed yet again.

It was a Wednesday. Pei Qian would only be able to host guests at Ming Yun Private Kitchen on Sunday. Thus, he had no choice but to feed Ruan Guangjian the slightly inferior food at Swan Lake Restaurant first.