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He received no reply and presumed that Pei Qian should be offline.

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Ruan Guangjian checked the time as the skies were starting to brighten up – it was around 7am.

He reached out for a ham sausage and opened it, filling his stomach slightly before climbing into bed for a rest.

They had finally completed the job. Once he wakes up in the afternoon, it was time to gather the guys together for a good meal!

With the huge burden relieved off his shoulders, Ruan Guangjian fell deep into slumber.

June 27th, Sunday, at night…

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe…

Li Shi sat at a window seat as he drank his wine, very relaxed.

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Pei Qian sat in another corner as he used his cell phone.

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Although the two actually knew each other-as they both had an ax to grind, they were pretending not to recognize one another. Pei Qian did not intend to act rashly. As long as he continued to act splendidly and confused Li Shi, everything would be good.

These few days, the few shops nearby kept on continuing with their promotions. It was very clear that the street Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was on had become much more bustling.

The small commercial district nearby didn’t have much human traffic normally. Recently, the area had suddenly started to become congested with cars.

Many people had heard that the shops here were all having promotions and had come after hearing the news. Many people that actually didn’t intend to leave their houses had all come to take a spin.

As such, a rather beautiful sight could be seen in this area. All the neighboring shops were all full of customers, and considerable human traffic was patronizing them. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, however, was deserted. A stark comparison had formed.

Many people who did not know better had thought that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was also having promotions. However, after entering and realizing the prices here were many folds higher than the shops nearby, they had all fled the cafe.