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A declaration of war on me.... Or rather, all I hear is ‘I’ll win the championship’.

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Two months ago, I would have said it back here, but since it was on appointed the day, I can’t stand it with just words.

“...... hmmm...”

I retort with just that and turned my back.

Shut them out and suppress my emotions!

“Oh, hey, Earth! What’s that attitude towards Rebal! If you’re a man, say it back! That...... here, you too. I.... what?”

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“It’s not like Earth, is it? Right?”

The princess and Fu agitate me, but I don’t take any part of it.

“Hmm... two months ago, just saying that, is that your answer today? Earth. Well, it doesn’t matter to me anymore, but... at least you’ll try not to fall before you fight us.”

Perhaps he lost interest in me with that, Rebal looks at me with a slightly cold eye, but I won’t say anything back.

『Kukukuku... Your patience wears thin, does it not?』

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The only person who understands my feelings right now is Tre’ainar, who has a grinning smile on his face.

「Yes, I can’t stand it anymore.」

I didn’t think I could endure so much yet not raise my clenched fist or say anything.

If I had talked with Rebal anymore, I would have said, ‘Let’s go! I want to end the fight right now’.

I was looking forward to it, just like Rebal was doing everything today.