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In a different meaning from Hoshinomori, though. I tried to keep talking, but she went “Right!?”, and took initiative of the conversation.

“This is really strange! Even now, when I remember Keita’s useless, self-confident expression while he talked fondly about his love, I’m so irritated, irritated!”

“…I-is that so? …H-hey, Hoshinomori. Are you sure you weren’t misunderstanding…”

“It was the first time seeing a boy look so damn proud while talking about his girlfriend!”

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“? Huh? What’s wrong, Uehara-san? You don’t look very good.”

“No… it’s nothing. Yea. …Let’s change the topic.”

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“Haa, well, it’s fine, but…”

Hoshinomori replied, looking curious. I let out a big sigh, prepared my heart, and asked her another question, but from a different angle this time.

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“Then, what do you think about Tendo?”

She replied while playing with the curly tips of her hair.

“Tendo-san? Hmm… What, you ask? We’re classmates, but we never talk, so… well, if you were to compare us, I would be like a pile of trash…”

“Wow, even your self-awareness is the same.”

“Um, but, I do respect her. Since we both like games, if she became my friend one day, even though that thought is more or less… but, that would be really amazing! P-p-please forget what I just said!”

“…Go out with Amano already. Please. It’s not even on the level of just being ‘suitable’.”

“? Um, how’d you reach that conclusion from this conversation?”

Hoshinomori tilted her neck, looking completely lost. “Well, is that so? I don’t understand.” I don’t feel like explaining if she said that. No matter what I say right now, I know that it won’t affect how these two view each other.

After walking in silence for a bit, it was Hoshinomori who spoke up first this time, though looking uneasy.

“U-uehara-san, what do you think? About… Tendo-san.”