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“You only requested for the basic functions before. We want to expand based on those requirements! Apart from satisfying the daily needs of the gym, we want to create more functions for the application.

“For example, we want to create a calculator that would come up with a training plan for customers based on their weight and body fat percentage, which would be measured from the gym. Trainers can then refer to this training plan.

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“Apart from using the application to make bookings, customers could also use it for regular reminders for training, meals, or rest. Trainers would not have to follow up with them for 24 hours a day, and the reminders can be in-built with smart technology. “We can also create another segment to upload workouts, recipes, facts, and tips. That way, customers would be able to understand the meaning behind Deposit Fitness’ model.

“Many people don’t understand why one would have to regularly make reservations to train in advance or why their fitness meals are bundled. That’s why they find it hard to accept our model.

“If we can popularize this science, everyone would find Deposit Fitness’ model increasingly acceptable!

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“On top of that, we can even create an interface for Deposit Fitness to upload videos demonstrating perfect form for various movements in the future. That would allow customers to correct their own form or train at home...”

The man in charge of Deposit Fitness’ app quickly took all of those things down.

Once he was done, he looked up in confusion. “Boss Chang, those things go way beyond the requirements. According to the previous list, Deposit Fitness only asked us to create an application that would allow customers to book slots in the gym, right?

“Would this be... appropriate? Would they be unhappy when we hand the application back to them?”

Chang You smiled. “What? They asked for a simple application, and not only would we meet their requests perfectly, but we would also throw in many more useful functions. How could they get angry? “I think they’ll be beyond grateful!”

The man in charge of the application scratched his head and mumbled, “But I don’t think this is necessary...”

Chang You smiled subtly. “It is. Of course, it is!

“Once you take my place and spend time working with Boss Pei, you would enjoy a much better view of the world. Then, you will understand why I am doing this...

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“You have a lot to learn!”

May 4th, Wednesday... At about 10 PM, after sending the last group of guests out, Lin Canrong instructed the waiters and cleaners of Ming Yun Private Kitchen to pack up and prepare to leave.

Logically, Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s workflow should have stabilized by now. As a branch manager, Lin Canrong could slack off once in a while without affecting the restaurant.

However, he continued to work hard and meticulously every single day.

After all, he was a chef with a reputation in Jingzhou. What’s more, after earning Boss Pei’s appreciation, he had been the branch manager of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and the man in charge of Fish-Catching Take-Out.