Now the Internet, said micro-channel investment money

Now the Internet, said micro-channel investment money

Manabe was only able to be this cocky because Ryūen wasn’t in the room, but that didn’t change the fact that many of the other students shared her stance on the matter.

Ishizaki got up out of his seat.

The supplemental exam would take place tomorrow, and once it began, nothing more could be done to change the situation.

“Come with me for a bit, Ibuki.”

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Ishizaki approached the two girls as they glared at one another.


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Despite her unclear response, Ibuki went along with Ishizaki’s request and proceeded to leave the classroom.

For Ibuki, she believed that pretty much anything would be preferable if it meant getting away from Manabe.

“You can act as calm and composed as you want, but know that after Ryūen-kun gets expelled, you’re next.”

Acting as though she was the ruler of the class, Manabe saw Ibuki off with one final provocation.

“So, where are we going?”

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Ibuki asked after they left the classroom, with Manabe no longer in view.

“Nowhere in particular. I kinda just wanted to talk to you for a bit about the private points Ryūen-san is holding onto. What happened to em?”

“Nothing ‘happened’ to them, he’s still got them.”

“You still haven’t gotten em? The exam’s tomorrow you know? We’ll lose em all once he gets expelled.”

“And just who was the one who got all worked up about not taking them, again?”

“That’s… I didn’t care much about private points back then…”

“If you want them so badly, why don’t you go beg him for them yourself?”

“I ain’t gonna do that.”