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And from that phone, I could hear what seemed like a recording made somewhere with a variety of noises mixed up in it.

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"Listen up, you lot. To set a trap for Class D's Horikita Suzune. What we need to do to crush her. I'm going to offer you that strategy. I'll show you something interesting".

It was Ryuuen-kun's voice.

Is it a conversation from back when he was planning the strategy he would execute in the sports festival?

He was explaining in detail what he had so proudly told me a while ago.

"I don't plan on going against your strategy but give me a chance to fight against Horikita---".

In the middle of that, as though interrupting him, Ibuki-san's voice came up.

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"In the obstacle course race, you run against Suzune and make contact with her. Do whatever it takes to make her fall. Afterwards, I'll take responsibility for your injury and plunder some money for you".

That voice was saying that. I have no idea what exactly is going on.

"What is the meaning of this, Ryuuen-kun? What's up with that audio?".

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Kushida-san too, seemed unable to comprehend the situation and so she requested an explanation from Ryuuen-kun.

"I see, I see, I see. I see now. Kuku, now isn't this interesting? Do you know what this means? It means there's a traitor in Class C as well. And they made not only you guys, but also me, dance in the palm of their hand. Kikyo's betrayal as well as the fact that Suzune would fall apart before me. They had it all calculated. Kuhahaha! This is interesting! Interesting, I say! The one pulling the strings behind you is awesome!".

Calling it a masterpiece, Ryuuen-kun swept his hair back and gave a belly laugh.

"You got played, Kikyo. They'd already predicted that you'd turn traitor and hand over the information on the participation table's list to us. They had already predicted each and every little thing".

"The betrayal was already assumed from the start.....? Who could possibly be capable of something like that? Could it be Ayanokouji-kun? I didn't know he was that fast after all.....".

"Well, he's one of the candidates. But I won't draw that conclusion. It's a different story whether or not someone capable of pulling off a recording like this would leave behind a trace this easily. Suzune, and also Ayanokouji and depending on the circumstances, even Hirata may have someone pulling their strings. I'm going to slowly take my time smoking them out. I've failed to get the points and the kowtow from Suzune but I'll satisfy myself with just this outcome".

There's no mistaking it. I don't know how he did it, but he used someone from Class C in order to record Ryuuen-kun's strategy. That alone, I'm sure of.