Online relying on the amount of money

Online relying on the amount of money

“An experienced chief planner and a producer who can attract investors should all be experienced. Both sides maintain that the other party ‘did not understand anything’, so who would not understand?

“This is the ‘deviation from common sense’. That means to say that everyone’s common sense is different. We are both thinking about the same thing, but the common sense I think I possess and the common sense you think you possess are totally different. Therefore, both of us will think that the other party does not understand at all.

“For example, the thing with ‘Cottage Game’. They are proven successes to both the capital venturist and the boss so why don’t they do it? To most businesses, what future is there in doing something that others had already done too much of?

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“Of course, this is a very simple example. In actual working conditions, such ‘deviation from common sense’ will only be serious, and it would have an impact on all aspects of the company’s operations in the process of making games and ultimately completely deviate from the original intention of the project.” Pei Qian blinked blankly.

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Wasn’t that exactly what I was going through?!

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A real confidante!

Pei Qian grasped Qiu Hong’s hand. “Yes, yes, yes! That’s exactly how I feel! I’m so conflicted about this! So, how shall we solve this problem of ‘deviation from common sense’?”

Qiu Hong smiled. “Well, this is easy to say but difficult to do. It is to establish good communication with each other.

“The root cause of ‘deviation from common sense’ is not understanding each other. As long as they can communicate well, let the other party understand their true thoughts, and form a joint force in the same direction; then the problem arising from ‘deviation from common sense’ could be resolved to a certain extent.”

Pei Qian: “...”

The enthusiasm was extinguished again.

Why was it yet another solution that I could not use at all?!

Communicate well and let the other party understand what you really think? I want to do that too, but the system did not allow it!

I could not let anyone know that I’m making losses on purpose! What was worse was that my employees seemed to have formed some kind of synergy, but they were all in the opposite direction...

Pei Qian was instantly discouraged. The three experiences for failure that he had learned today could be said to be rather rewarding.

However... none of them could be used!

Qiu Hong looked at his watch. His time today was almost up; he sighed in his heart.

Har, Boss Ma had such high expectations. If it was not because I was prepared with my massive amount of failed experience, then it was really possible that this course could not go on today. What was with this sad feeling...?