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Unlike Sakayanagi or Ryuuen, this is a strategy with its own unique style to it.

"Now then, if there's anything I have in particular to say it's that it's your loss if you care about that".

"You were a great help".

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I should thank Asahina for listening to my unreasonable request and telling me about their internal affairs. Of course, looking at it from Asahina's perspective, she doesn't think what she did here would get in Miyabi's way at all.

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Because she probably doesn't think someone like me could possibly become an enemy.

"Well, do your best and go scare the hell out of Miyabi. I'll be rooting for you, just a bit".

"Ahh, and also there's just one more thing".

Combining this with the information I got from Kei, the accuracy increases even further.

I decided to step it up a bit more.

The night of the sixth day fell with the group in a foul mood. If we let this day end like this, the group probably won't even form up tomorrow. I expect this terrible relationship to drag on.

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And if so, it will prove difficult to obtain a high score in the exam that awaits us in two days time. Even after I returned to the room after bathing, the mood in here is as foul as ever.

Ishizaki's putting up a wall around himself, not talking to anyone else. Keisei's also severely blaming himself and trapped in his own shell, he's not even speaking. The Class B students, in an attempt to liven us up, continued to excitedly chat repeatedly but no longer able to stand the oppressive atmosphere around them, they eventually fell silent too.

Eventually, after confirming that it's almost lights out time, Yahiko turned the power off in our room. In order to quickly put an end to this day.

"Hey, Ishizaki. Can I have some of your time?".

In the darkness, it was Hashimoto who broke that long silence.

"No you can't".

Hashimoto called out to him from atop his bunk but Ishizaki rejected him. Judging from the sound of the sheets shuffling, I suppose he's turned his back towards us.

"If we keep this up, our group's probably in big trouble. We may possess some advantages because there's only a few of us but in exchange, we bear several disadvantages when it comes to the contents of the exam. In the worst case scenario, Yukimura and someone else may be expelled".