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“Exactly! I really wish the guide writers will be more considerate, although the ones reading it are partly to blame too. Basically, there are times when you come across spoilers in the midst of searching for the guides to clear the level.”

“There is! For example, searching the terms online and you got the results of ‘character name + betray’!”

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“That happens too often!”

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Amano and I had a blast talking about video games. However, when we noticed that our classmates were getting a bit rowdy, we cleared our throats a bit shyly… Hmm, strange?

I turned to the side, and there was a beautiful blonde girl leaning into the classroom and watching us. She was gritting her teeth vexingly as she looked our way.

Haha~~ Tendo probably gave up on inviting Amano to join the Gamers Club, and naturally thought from a high position: “Shouldn’t I chat with Amano who didn’t have any friends about games?” And when she reached the classroom, the position of ‘game chatter’ had been taken by me, that’s probably it… Our school idol is really interesting.

"? Uehara-san, what’s the matter?"

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"Ah, it’s nothing, Tendo is here again…"

Amano looked at the classroom entrance after I told him that. Tendo left in a panic, and Amano stood there dazed.

“Eh… W-What was that just now? Could it be… Tendo really hates me?”

Seemed like he was still concerned about rejecting the Gamer Club’s invitation. I couldn’t help snickering, and Amano looked at me with his head tilted.

“Eh, it’s nothing. I think both of you are very interesting.”

“N-Not at all! You are actually taking pleasure over my misfortune! I made Tendo-san mad, I-I have to apologize to her…”