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「L-Let’s go, Ria!」

I grabbed Ria’s hand and ran towards the main building. Apparently they are prohibited from recruiting in the academy building, and immediately launched an attack on the next target.


「That surprised me…」

Before I knew it, a lot of flyers were shoved into my uniform pocket, and Ria had a lot of flyers in her left hand.

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「That was… recruitment, right?」

「I think that might be the case…」

While talking about that, we headed to our classroom.

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And when we entered Year 1 Class A, there was the sight of our tired classmates.

「So, it was the same for everyone…」

「Seems to be so…」

Judging from this exhausted condition, everyone seemed to have been through a terrible recruitment.

When I and Ria got to our usual seats – Tessa, the swordsman of Iron Cutting style, spoke to me in a haggard state.

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「Yo, Allen… Were you targeted as well?」

「Un, just a little… You seem to have been targeted as well, Tessa…?」

His complexion was bad, and above all, the amount of the flyers which had been put on his desk, indicated the terrible damage.

「He-hehe, amazing, right? Most of the flyers were from the judo club guys, you know…? Saying my physique matched the judo club and whatnot…」Tessa pointed to his desk and laughed with a painful smile.「That was really dangerous… I was suddenly surrounded by 10 sweaty senpais in their judo uniforms… and almost lost consciousness many times because of their strong manliness and appeal…」

「That sounds difficult…」