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Pei Qian was worried that Lin Wan would feel like they lacked money midway through. What would Pei Qian do if she approached her older brother for money? Thus, Pei Qian purposely hinted this would be a huge test of Lin Wan’s skills. He said this would nurture her ability to independently take charge of a project.

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This way, in order to prove her own abilities, Lin Wan would not turn to her family for aid. The chances of her succeeding would be greatly lowered.

It was a perfect plan!

Pei Qian closed his little notebook. For now, he had already dealt with most hidden dangers. He was more or less done with planning for both companies.

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However, this was just the first step in a long journey. After all, his business was huge now. He had to take care of every aspect.

In order to ensure that he would finish spending all his money before the settlement period and achieve his aim to incur losses, Boss Pei had to continue working hard.

Thus, Pei Qian decided to leave and check out Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s situation.

At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branch in Ming Yun Villas…

This branch was doing the worst out of all the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes.

Zhang Yuan and Ma Yang were already waiting inside for Pei Qian. When Pei Qian walked in, he looked around.

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Yes, this was a familiar feeling.

There were a few people in the store. Many computers were not occupied, and the coffee area looked cold and deserted as well. The bartender was falling asleep while standing, and there were more waiters than there were customers.

This is what a Fish-Catching Internet Cafe is supposed to look like!

Ever since the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store became famous, Pei Qian stopped going there.

Although Chen Lei had already returned to Shanghai, the fame he won for the store still remained. Many people would visit Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store every day. The losses had been completely converted to profits.

One could say that Chen Lei had made Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store famous forever.

Thus, Pei Qian wanted to avoid the heartbreaking place.

He looked for a random seat to sit down. A waiter brought him coffee. The three Fish-Catching giants chatted as they sipped their drinks.