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That was because Meng Chang’s main purpose for organizing this competition was to get food vendors from all over the country to become a conduit for the cold-faced lady.

The show first introduced how delicious the local food was, how unique it was, and then highlighted how outstanding the cold-faced lady’s taste was. It completely surpassed the best vendors in the country.

It would be easy for accidents to happen during live-streaming. It would be much easier to control the recording. If there were any emergencies, they could just cut the scene and re-shoot.

After editing the video, Meng Chang would spend a huge sum of money to advertise on Aili Island and other video websites to further increase the Cold-Faced Lady’s reputation.

This would have been a very effective marketing campaign before the Cold-Faced Lady collapsed.

While some people doubted that the Cold-Faced Lady’s roasted cold noodles were not as good as what Meng Chang’s bragged about but the overall taste was not that bad. Therefore, the question of whether the Cold-Faced Lady tasted good depended on the individual.

Under such circumstances, marketing could be used to guide public opinion.

It was just like many food and beverage brands. Many customers would choose to try them as long as they had good marketing and everyone said that they were delicious .

However, the situation was completely different now that the cold-faced lady had experienced the previous bankruptcy storm.

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The public opinion generated by excessive marketing had completely reversed. Most people would tend to trample on it until it was worthless. No matter how good the cold noodles tasted, they would find it disgusting.

He Desheng was about to leave when Pei Qian stopped him.

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“Wait a minute, you just said that the Street Food Contest will be recorded?”

He Desheng nodded. “It will be recorded mainly because we are worried that something unexpected might happen during the live-stream.”