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Online platform lottery boss how to make money

My heart skipped several beats as I secretly looked at Oiso-senpai. Then, …just like what I’ve expected, senpai is looking a bit angry. However, that only lasted for a short moment, she immediately let out a huge sigh like she changed her mind before looking at me with a smile.

“I got it. Random Selection is the one that you’re the most familiar with.”

I feel like senpai is praising me. I immediately waved my hands.

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“N-No, it’s not that ridiculous! Uh, but-“

“Alright, let’s start, Keita Amano.”

“Eh? Ah, o-okay!”

After senpai said that, I immediately turned back to the screen and put my heart and soul into the game.

The first round finished shortly…In the end, I didn’t expect that I wasn’t the last one.

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Tendou-san scratched her head as she smiled bitterly to Oiso-senpai.

“Ahaha…Sigh, I wanted to imitate Nina-senpai and try to use Throw as my main move even though I’m not familiar with it…However, I guess I really can’t do something that I’m not used to.”

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“Maining Throw despite choosing this character, I don’t think anyone can play like this way.”


Tendou-san glanced at the miserable results on the screen before letting out a sigh. Just as I’m staring at her dazedly, she tongued out at me slightly. How adorable. My girlfriend is super adorable.